Virtual Gourmet Cheese Tasting

We prepare the finest cheese board with gourmet cheese from your favorite local dairy farms. Then we team up with the production team of the cheese maker to walk you through a one-of-a-kind cheese tasting.

Virtual Wine Tastings

We will bring in a local chef to create a dining experience specifically made for the virtual tasting. The meal will be prepared specifically for reheat and paired with two bottles of wine. This unique virtual experiencewill be the best thing shelter in place has produced.

 Virtual Craft Beer Tastings

We partner with your favorite local breweries to create a sampler 4 pack of their BEST craft beers.  We then travel to that brewery and team up with the brewer to bring you the ultimate virtual tasting experience.

Virtual Spirit Tastings

After securing exclusive sampler packs from local distilleries, We travel to them for unrestricted access to a distiller to bring you an unforgettable virtual tasting experience.